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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6282pfSenseBugNewNormalAPU, ALIX default interface assignments changed from 2.2.6 to 2.304/28/2016 02:43 PM
6280pfSenseBugNewNormalOpenVPN issue after upgrade to 2.3 version04/28/2016 03:51 AM
6279pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalsquidguard blacklist update not working after initial update04/27/2016 09:15 PM
6278pfSenseBugNewNormalCaptive Portal zone name is case sensitive in some places, but not carried through as expected04/27/2016 01:27 PM
6277pfSenseBugNewNormalRRD graphs are not created correctly for interfaces using CODELQ04/27/2016 10:55 AM
6275pfSenseBugNewNormalIPsec phase 2 not shown in "Status -> IPsec"04/27/2016 06:29 AM
6274pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalMissing tabbar in HAProxy for restricted group04/27/2016 05:49 AM
6272pfSenseBugNewNormalWrong numbers in state column of /firewall_rules.php04/27/2016 08:51 AM
6263pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalEncryption options for every P2 on a given P1 are written to each P2 individually inside ipsec.conf with multiple P2 entries + split conn entries04/25/2016 11:21 PM
6260pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalNamecheap Dynamic DNS does not accept * for hostname even though it is valid04/25/2016 11:43 PM
6258pfSenseBugNewNormalBug when handling default route change for IPv6 enabled interface04/26/2016 09:18 PM
6257pfSenseBugConfirmedNormalKernel panic with ALTQ 04/25/2016 11:55 AM
6255pfSenseBugConfirmedLowPPP Country/Provider/Plan configuration not saved04/25/2016 07:15 PM
6254pfSenseBugNewNormalstatus_lb_pool.php no way to managed servers04/25/2016 03:23 AM
6253pfSenseBugNewNormalFirewall triggered rule mousehover04/25/2016 03:26 AM
6252pfSenseBugNewVery LowCan't access darkstat if webgui is on HTTPS.04/25/2016 11:02 PM
6250pfSenseBugNewNormalSarg frame.php memory size04/24/2016 09:07 PM
6249pfSenseBugNewVery LowOpenVPN widget does not show client instance's IPv6 address04/26/2016 11:15 PM
6248pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalFeedback for NUT package04/24/2016 07:19 AM
6247pfSense PackagesBugNewNormalFeedback for TeamSpeak 3 package04/24/2016 07:17 AM
6246pfSense PackagesBugFeedbackNormalpfBlockerNG - filter rule error if all entries in a block list de-dupe out04/25/2016 10:00 PM
6245pfSenseBugNewNormalMulti-WAN PPPoE not working04/26/2016 02:57 PM
6242pfSenseFeatureNewNormalUse local user datebase for IKEv2 EAP-Charpv2 04/23/2016 10:32 AM
6241pfSenseBugNewNormalNot all installed packages are shown in PFSense 2.304/23/2016 07:21 AM
6240pfSenseFeatureNewNormalvxlan driver04/23/2016 02:14 AM
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